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14/3/17 | How Social Media Creates Self-obsessed Narcissists
An op-ed detailing how social media exasperates the human capacity for narcissism and transforms real world tragedies into digital content.

01/2/17 | Is Post-soviet Fashion Ethically Problematic?
An op-ed commenting on the recent trend of "post-soviet" fashion and its fetishisation of poverty.

20/1/17 | How Will History Remember President Obama?
A look back at the shortcomings of the Obama years, as well as the factors that created them.

14/12/16 | Why I'm Glad Tom Ford Won't Dress Melania Trump
An op-ed commenting on Tom Ford's refusal to dress Melania Trump, and the power of celebrity in modern politics.

09/12/16 | Kylie Jenner was Right: 2016 was the Year of Realising Things
A highly-political listicle detailing all the uncomfortable realisations that shook the Western liberal order in 2016.

27/10/16 | Hipster Food Trends are Actually Ruining the World
A feature on how cosmopolitan food trends are inadvertently gentrifying food.

17/10/16 | Could Kanye West Really Run for President in 2020?
An op-ed dismissing Kanye West's chances of running for president, should he actually follow through on his promise, that sheds light on the internal dynamics of the Democratic Party.

11/10/16 | Is too Much Consumer Choice Making us Miserable?
A feature on the phenomenon of the "tyranny of choice" and how greater consumer choice isn't actually the undisputed good that it's made out to be.

02/8/16 | The Dark Side of the Olympics that No One Talks About
A feature on the history of wasted public funds and the Olympic Organising Committee's willingness to collaborate with oppressive dictatorships.

15/6/16 | What David Shapiro's Supremacist Teaches Us About Fuccbois
Part book review, part analysis of the rabid appeal of New York skate brand, Supreme, based on David Shapiro's memoir 'Supremacist'.

10/5/16 | A Brief History of Logo Jacking: From Protest to High Fashion
A feature tracing the origins of "logo jacking" or "brandalism", and how this once anti-consumerist statement has been co-opted by the fashion industry.

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