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16/11/17 | Making Sense of the Strange Youtube Trend of Unboxing Videos
A Baudrillardian analysis of the strange Youtube phenomenon of people filming themselves unbox consumer products.

14/4/17 | Why Do Brands Think They can be Agents for Social Change?
An op-ed on why brand-driven corporate social responsibility initiatives are hollow and insincere.

09/2/17 | The Power of Punk in the Age of Instagram Influencers & Branded Content
An op-ed on the relevance of hardcore punk in the age of social media.

13/12/16 | 2016 was the Year that the Liberal Delusion Shattered
A look back to over the defining political events of 2016 –Trump and Brexit– and how they shattered the liberal delusion that long regarded the advancement of progressive values as a given.

18/8/16 | Are We All Bored with Describing People as Creatives Yet?
An op-ed railing against the term proliferation of the term “creative” – a title peddled by the marketing industry to conflate advertising with the arts.

28/07/16 | Experiencing Brexit as an Immigrant
An immigrant’s view on Brexit.

31/5/16 | Is Gentrification the Reason Why New York Youths are Looking to London for Inspiration?
An think piece on the growing phenomenon of New York youths imitating the style and mannerisms of their London counterparts as a response to the increasing sanitisation of NYC.

24/5/16 | The Rise of the Anti-beauty Aesthetic
An essay tracing the rise of ‘ugly fashion’ like Vetements and normcore all the way back to German expressionism.

16/3/16 | Is Berlin Really a Paradise?
A personal essay on my experiences as a recent resident of Berlin where I attempt to dispel some of the many myths that paint the German capital as a libertine’s paradise.

12/2/16 | The International Ubiquity of the Tracksuit
A feature tracing the international ubiquity of the tracksuit-and-trainer uniform that has become associated with the “problem poor” across Europe.

12/8/15 | Why We Should Treat Creative Work like Any Other Job
An op-ed analysing attitudes towards artistic work and how they influence the low wages that are so prevalent in the “creative professions”.

08/7/15 | The Post-London Comedown
I chime in with my addition to the spate of think pieces written by journalists who felt forced to leave London due to exorbitantly high living costs.

11/6/15 | Sex, Drugs and Class War: Feminist Trap in Serbia
A profile of Serbian rapper, Mimi Mercedez.

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