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13/1/16 | The Serbian Warlord Who Led His Club to the Champions League
A feature on Belgrade football club FK Obilić and its rise from the Serbian lower leagues to Champions League qualification under the stewardship of notorious local warlord and mob boss, Željko Ražnatović “Arkan”.

05/1/16 | How a Homophobic Country Became a Go-to Spot for Gender Reassignment Surgery
A feature on how the Serbian capital become a global hub for gender-reassignment surgery.

8/10/15 | How Football Explains Capitalism
An op-ed that draws parallels between capitalist phenomena and professional football.

15/9/15 | In Defence of Economic Migrants
An op-ed defending the much-maligned “economic migrant”.

17/3/14 | Scally Lads – VICE Fashion Issue 2014
A feature on “scally” fetishism in the gay underground, where the clothing and mannerisms of British working class males have become objects of sexual fascination. Published in print in the annual fashion issue of VICE magazine.

4/11/13 | I went to Porn School and It Was a Disaster
A report on my experience at “Porn Weekender” – an attempt by a British pornographer to find new revenue streams in a financially devastated industry.

26/4/13 | ‘Yomango’ is Barcelona’s Ideological Shoplifting Movement
A feature on ‘yomango’, Barcelona’s ideological shoplifting movement.

4/12/12 | Everything You Wanted to Know About the UK Drug Scene
An interview with leading British drug journalist, Max Daly, author of ‘Narcomania’.

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